Private Nursing Homes In Dorset

Are you looking for a quiet, relaxing environment for your mother or father to receive the best end of life care? The Old Rectory specialises in care for clients of 60 years plus during their waning years, so call us today on 01929 425 383 to find out more. We’re happy for you to visit us, so book an appointment with the best private nursing homes in Dorset today.


Dorset Private Nursing Homes

We understand that finding a place for the elderly to reside and live out the rest of their time in peace and happiness is a difficult prospect. Now you’ve found The Old Rectory Care Home; your search is over. We offer comprehensive long-term residential and nursing care for over 60s, but special consideration can be taken for unique clients who are under 60.

All of our staff at our private nursing homes Dorset are motivated, kind-hearted, warm and welcoming to all new residents. As well as being good people, they’re highly trained in the following areas of care:

  • Private Nursing Homes in DorsetDementia
  • Nursing
  • Palliative
  • Residential
  • Short Respite

Caring for the elderly, especially those with special conditions such as dementia, isn’t always easy but our team here at our private nursing homes Dorset take it in our stride. We are dedicated to making your precious family member feel as if they were at home.


Private Nursing Homes Dorset With Pride

Our care extends to all hours of the day, which means no matter what time it is; our nurses will be on hand to help if anyone should need it. Our nurses are multi-disciplinary, so they are trained and experienced in handling a variety of needs in a bespoke and personalised way. We believe getting to know your residents in our private nursing homes Dorset is the key to looking after them in a way that will make them the happiest.

If residents get bored, they can often become uncomfortable and more difficult to look after. This is why we have a variety of activities the residents can take part in. This will help keep their minds active and the smiles on their faces as broad as possible. We’ll arrange activities ranging from simple fun and games at our private nursing homes Dorset to grand days out.


The Perfect Environment Among Private Nursing Homes In Dorset

Private Nursing Homes in DorsetWe offer accommodation that is on par with fine hotels, but in a homely, warm, and comforting way. Our residents want for nothing, and their surroundings are made to help them with their initial adjustment and then remain happy and comfortable for the duration of their stay with us. We have call bells in every room of our Dorset private nursing homes, so we’re never out of reach. A simple ring of the bell and a member will be there in a jiffy.

Being placed in a new environment can be confusing and often scary, especially for those with memory impairments. Unfamiliar surroundings can cause panic and make life difficult for the resident. This is why we always recommend bringing personal items, such as photos, their favourite armchair, mementoes, and anything else they will find comforting.

We are also one of the few private nursing homes in Dorset that welcome animals because we feel it can help our residents stay happy and positive. It can also serve to allay worries about their new surroundings. It’s always hard to be scared or worried when you’ve got a happy dog wagging its tail at you enthusiastically.

As one of the best Dorset private nursing homes, The Old Rectory Care Home has a garden area which is perfect for enjoying a spot of lunch, lazing about in the sun, or if they’re able to; having some fun exercise. The lounge area is furnished for idyllic comfort, and the way it’s laid out allows us to easily traverse across so we can respond quickly to any distress. The dining room is outfitted to serve a range of home cooked food that will be sure to satisfy even the most sensitive palates.


Why Us – Private Nursing Homes Dorset

Our clients are our priority, at all times. Their happiness is our happiness, so we’re always doing our best to make sure they’re completely satisfied and cared for. In that light, it’s always welcome for friends and family to visit us whenever they feel like it. We accommodate open visiting, so you’ll never feel like you’re cut off, and you’re always welcome to stay for lunch or dinner with us at minimal cost.

Our facilities, including accommodation, dining, activities, and others are all held to the highest standards. Our team take pride in our work, and always strive to make sure every one of our residents feels like part of our family and is happy. We’ve garnered a sterling reputation for quality care at compassionate prices, and our bespoke care strives to look after the best interests of each resident on an individual basis, after all; everyone is different.

Being situated so close to Swanage makes it convenient for us to take advantage of the sunnier days of the year with trips to the beach and relaxing seafront walks. We’ve always found that fresh sea air and friendly faces do so much for anyone’s health and happiness. Our activities combined with high-quality food and luxurious accommodations have earned us praise as one of the best private nursing homes in Dorset.

If you’d like to see more of The Old Rectory Care Home, please see our gallery. We’re sure you’ll like what you see. Our clients and families are always showering us with thanks and praise for our loving and caring service.


Mrs L said “Thanks to each one of you, you have made my time at The Old Rectory enjoyable and pleasant. I have so appreciated all the good work you do here. Also, I noted with joy your kindness, care and compassion towards all residents. With blessings and love.”


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Call us today on 01929 425 383 to arrange a visit, and we’ll be happy to show you around and let you see our establishment for yourself. Alternatively, you can contact us using our online form or via email at We look forward to hearing from you, and can’t wait to meet you.