Private Nursing Homes in Dorset

Have you just typed “private nursing homes in Dorset” into your search engine in the hopes of finding the most accredited local establishment that will be able to offer unparalleled care to your family member or loved one? If that accurately describes your current situation, then you have found what you have been looking for. The Old Rectory caters for over 60s with all health conditions including dementia and those in need of palliative care. Call us today on 01929 425 383 to book your visit or find out more.


Our Dorset private nursing homes

Private Nursing Homes in Dorset

When it comes to private nursing homes in Dorset, The Old Rectory is second to none. Located in a picturesque quiet village near the seaside town of Swanage, our establishment is a known care home offering luxurious lodgings and a fantastic level of care.

Here at The Old Rectory, we are highly committed to offering a level care that other private nursing homes Dorset has available will simply not be able to match. All of our staff members are highly trained care professionals with a great passion for what they do.

Thanks to each one of you, you have made my time at The Old Rectory enjoyable and pleasant. I have so appreciated all the good work you do here. Also I noted with joy your kindness, care and compassion towards all residents. With blessings and love.” –Mrs. L

Each and every member working in our Dorset private nursing homes has received all the necessary training and qualifications to offer the finest care available. Fully trained nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all staff members are fully trained in first aid as well as dementia care.

Our reputation precedes us in the local area and a lot of new enquiries come our way through word of mouth and recommendations. Our past residents and their families would not hesitate to send you our way if you asked them: “Where is the leading care facility from among private nursing homes in Dorset?”


Why choose The Old Rectory over other private nursing homes Dorset offers?

Our home is open to those over 60 who require additional or nursing care. Our Dorset private nursing homes are run by extremely caring people who will do everything in their power to make the resident’s stay as comfortable as possible.

We offer the finest accommodation out of any private nursing homes Dorset has available. All of the rooms have been decorated to a very high standard and will come furnished with all the essentials for a comfortable stay.

To all the lovely staff at The Old Rectory – thank you for treating my mum so kindly and with care. The Rectory became like a second home to us and you all treated us, the family, like friends for which we also thank you.” –Mrs. P

On top of offering fantastic care, we also provide the finest selection of activities when compared to other private nursing homes in Dorset.

Please visit our virtual gallery to see some high resolution images of our premises – you will be able to see exactly why we are being called the number one choice out of all the private nursing homes in Dorset.


Contact the top choice among private nursing homes in Dorset today

If you are now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Old Rectory is the number one establishment in the area when it comes to private nursing homes in Dorset, then there are several quick ways that you can contact us. You can speak to a team member by either calling 01929 425 383, e-mailing or filling out the contact form on our easily navigable website.